Willow 6 Chair Set
  • Willow 6 Chair Set
  • Willow 6 Chair Set
  • Willow 6 Chair Set
  • Willow 6 Chair Set
  • Willow 6 Chair Set

Willow 6 Chair Set

Simplicity offering an intimate socialising experience with long-lasting quality at the same time.

The Willow 6 Chair Set is hand woven with the weave wrapped around a reinforced aluminium frame making the whole set lightweight, durable and rust free.

Seat Cushion colour

feet are capped with plastic caps so as not to damage the surface the set sits on or the set itself. 

The table has an 8mm thick tempered glass top.

  • It is tested for tolerance a huge range of temperatures without degrading or fading.
  • The manufacturing process uses no harmful Cadmium, Lead or Chromium unlike other brands of synthetic rattan.
  • The textured surface looks and feels like the original paper loom.
  • It has a high resistance to water of all types including chlorinated water making it perfect for use in environments with swimming pools.
  • Ecoloom is 100% recyclable.
  • Very quick and easy to wipe down – making it virtually maintenance free.
  • The colours on an Ecoloom rattan-weave are just as vibrant as those in the wood and abaca ranges and are colourfast as well. The texture replicates that of the original paper loom perfectly.


Table -

Diameter: 150cm

Height: 78cm

Chair -

Width 65cm

Depth 73cm

Height 102cm

Seat heigth 44cm

Arm thickness 7cm