Teak Garden benches

Garden Furniture Spains extensive range of high quality garden benches has something for everybody. Crafted from the finest teak wood, our benches are comfortable and hard-wearing, and come in a vast range of styles and sizes. Thanks to our engraving machine, each can now be personalised with a name or message.

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Teak Garden benches


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Royal 1.5m Armless Bench

We only use the highest quality Grade A Teak in our 

range of teak benches,workmanship and come in a variety of classic and
contemporary styles, It’s tolerates a wide range of temperatures so it can
be left outside all year round without being degraded by the weather.

£333.33 Price
Royal 1.8m Armless Bench

The 1.8m length is mid-range as we also sell 1.5m and 2m models.

The teak is genuinely hand finished to the highest specifications by time served crafts-people.

Long lasting usability is also a key feature of the design and construction –
the use of hand-cut mortice and tenon joints further reinforced by teak dowels is insisted upon from our suppliers to ensure

there’s no wobble over time.

£374.99 Price
Royal 2m Armless Bench

The 2-metre length makes this the longest Royal Bench we do with the other sizes at 1.5m and 2.8m.

We only use time served crafts-people for all our garden benches who have been tried and tested in our twenty plus years specialising in teak furniture.

Long lasting usability is also a key feature of design and construction. 

£416.66 Price
Royal Corner Bench Set

The Royal Corner Bench is all about flexibility and style in your outdoor space.

& you have the option to choose from three sizes of ryal bench to go either side

1.5 metre, 1.8 metre and 2 metre, The corner piece is a fixed size

The set is made up of two benches and a corner bench.
The default benches are 1.5m & 2.m corner bench

but you can change to bench sizes as required.

£1,066.66 Price
Royal Corner Chair

This bench can be used as a stand-alone chair

but it really comes into its own when used as a Corner piece
between two Royal Benches for outdoor corner seating units.

£333.33 Price