Platinum Range

Our platinum parasols are made from a durable aluminium tube with a 48mm diameter pole. Canopies are made from Olefin fabric and are available in a wide range of colours. The Platinum parasols feature a rotating tilt, so they can be angled to provide maximum shade and comfort.

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Verona With USB Charger & LED Lights

Great for commercial and domestic Tough and lightweight, powder-coated aluminium frame.

The spars have LED lights set into them that offer a soft glow under the canopy at night. These can be turned on and off from a switch on the USB port - Which means you can even charge your phone through the Parasol!

The LED lights and USB port are continually recharging from a solar panel on top of the finial.


Height: 267cm

Diameter: 275cm

£389.99 Price
Parasol 3m x 2m Rectangular

3m x 2m Parasol is the ideal parasol to accompany any of our rectangular seat dining sets. The parasol can be erected and closed with the use of the crank handle. In addition the parasol is has a fantastic tilting mechanism that can be altered to create shade in any given direction.

£299.99 Price