Cosa Scatter Cushion Large

Cosa Scatter Cushion Large

X 5 Scatter Cushions SUNS Cosa

Wonderful cushion for outdoor or indoor use. The Cosa cushion is a sustainable choice as it is made of recycled PET bottles. This surely makes them a comfortable choice in more ways than one!

  •  Weatherproof
  • SUNS PET Family
  • For outdoor or indoor use
  • Eco-friendly
PET Colour

A soft cushion made for outdoor use but which looks just as great indoor. The Cosa cushions are weather-resistant as they are made of a synthetic material produced of old PET bottles that are processed via an innovative recycling process into a new type of fibre that feels wonderfully soft. SUNS Cosa is a beautiful and eco-friendly choice.


Cushion Cosa M:

Length x width: 44/50 x 44/50 cm

Height: 12/16 cm