Golden Care - Teak Protector (1 Litre

Golden Care - Teak Protector (1 Litre

Teak protector to maintain the original, golden-brown colour of teak garden furniture for a long time.

  • Why is teak protector so much better than teak-oil/sealer?
  • Nicer, more natural colour after application (teak-oil makes teak often look too dark-brown, teak sealers make teak often look too orange).
  • Greasy, so clothes stay clean. No solvents or VOCs.
  • Our protector is water-based and solvent-free: that is why we call it ecosafe.
  • This product is also bio-degradable

Water-based and totally solvent-free, protects teak garden furniture against food and drink stains.

It is an almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for wine, olive oil, butter, coffee to seep into teak.

This ensures that after a meal the teak table can just be wiped with a damp cloth, without any nasty stains remaining.

This is why Teak Shield is also extremely suitable for the protection of teak furniture being used indoors or out.

  • Non Toxic.
  • 100% water based.
  • Super easy to apply.
  • 1 litre bottle.